How You Should Be Treating Sports Injuries

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Facing injuries while playing a hardcore game is only natural. However, what matters is that you treat it right then and there to prevent further complications from taking place. So here are some steps you need to go through to treat an injury the right way.


The common method followed to treat any injury is RICE. Of this the first step is rest. Providing rest to the injured is the most important once an accident has taken place, in order to avoid further injuries and bleeding. So rather than crowding around the person, you should be spacing out and keep him or her in a relaxed position. After that you can always admit the injured to either a sports physiotherapy in Sydney if the damage is serious or take him or her to the first aid room in the sports arena.


Placing an ice bag on the area that is injured would help a lot in easing the swelling just as much as clinical pilates would help in returning the muscles back to their original forms. However what most people misunderstand is that heat is what is required to reduce a swell. But the reality is that applying heat on a swell would only make it worse as the blood rush increases because of it. So to prevent minor injuries from turning out to be rather worse, it is best to use an ice bag with crushed cubes to better shape it to your body. Make sure though that rather than directly keeping the ice bag on the wound, that you place a towel below it and wrap a bandage around it holding it together to the injury.

Compression and elevation

Compression and elevation that go together makes sure that the injury is limited to only a particular area rather than spreading throughout and increasing its damage. For an example in a situation where a person is bitten by a poisonous snake after the initial necessary steps are taken, the next thing to do is to compress and elevate. Not doing so could result in any remaining poison entering the blood stream and causing harm to the entire nervous system. So, whether it a victim of an accident or a poisonous bite, this step is very much essential to limit the harm caused on the whole.

Avoid using the injured part of your body

To avoid putting further stress on the injured part in your body, you should be limiting the use of it. Especially since continuous stress on it while it is mildly healing is only going to return it back to its previous injured form or even worse. That is why most sportsman are asked to sit out of some of the most important games of their life simply because they’ve suffered an injury. Ignoring this and continuing to push this body part might even leave you with no opportunities to play at all in future. So don’t treat injuries lightly! Consider the above steps and treat your injuries right!